Léon, Nicaragua
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"I cut hair since 43 years, since after the revolution.
Since 33 years in this shop. I don't hear very well...” 

Well, if you’re a revolutionary ánd you like beer, you can sure as hell cut my hair! And so the gringo sat down in his chair and let the man do his magic with scissors and a hairbrush.No washing, nor asking how you'd like it. You just sit down, lean back and let the man do his job. Barbershop anno Nicaragua.

As Nicaragua is a mishmash of Indian, African and European you can find all different types of hairstyle. And even tough the country doesn’t have specific traditions for hair, every street seems to have a barber shop whereof some apparently hide some interesting stories.

Now, our Spanish wasn’t that elaborated back then and my guy wasn’t too much of a chatter either, so what I got, besides some awkward silences is the following story; The two charming men that have been cutting hair for over 43 years own this business together since 33 years. Before, they served in the war and already discovered this passion, cutting their companions’ hair. Besides cutting hair they like beer. And although they don’t have Belgian beers in Nicaragua, they do know it’s goooood. The meaning of the name? Just a word, they say. But as we found out ‘zanote’ means smoke, we believe that it represents the revolution. And if they didn’t come up with it themselves, then it must have been a sign.

Thank you
Curated, shot and written by Christophe Morre & Camille Dubois during their one year sabbatical in Central and South America. They made a fantastic blog about their experiences > wezienwel.be and here
Besides traveling Christophe is a great photographer.
Camille is a wonderful vegan cook next to being a gifted writer.

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