Madame Verificateur


Madame Verificateur


Office signage of old small customs building, now turned into a bar.
Antwerp, Belgium
GPS 51°14'06.5"N 4°24'33.1"E

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Location = heritage

‘Verficateur’ means the customs official. The funny looking lady with black and white blocked skirt and here body missing, is nothing more than the women's toilet sign. Both signs originate from this little odd looking building in front of the Mexico bridge in Antwerp. It was an old historic customs building for the boats that passed by. The customs officers check if the import and excise duties have been paid. They investigate the authenticity of the declarations and control several other laws. In the Ellermanstraat there is a National Museum of Customs and Excise.

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Now, let's Bagger

Now however, this cute little building, has a whole new destination. Is has been turned into a club. It has a peculiar shape. It’s devided into three parts, the dancefloor, the entrance-hall and the bar. The funny thing about it is, that these lay exactly next to each other.

Even before the club opened, it was allready the talk of the town. The name is Bagger, what means as much as ‘wet mud’. Looking left is enjoying an astonishing view on Antwerp in all its glory. Turn right and have a look at the industrial harbour area of our town, home to large factories and shipping terminals. You can feel the sense of energy vibrating from both sides. The owners, Sven and Tom, are two well known men in A-town. They share a passion for industrial heritage, architecture, design and nightlife. They organise legendary parties and get-togethers of Antwerp finest. If you're in Antwerp, get over there. Expect the unexpected.


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Curated by Sven Mes, Tom Aerts
Gerard Van, Marijke Dua en Albert Verdoren for the interview

Movie shot & edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck @ Volk

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