Van Dael


Van Dael

Roasting the best coffee from four corners of the world for more than 125 years.
Laeken Brussels, Belgium
GPS 50°52'34.2"N 4°21'11.4"E

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'On dirait une diligence de cowboy.'

Coffee cultivation is done in the tropics, but roasting might as well be done in Brussels. Coffee roasting is the business of the family Van Dael for 4 generations allready. The factory in Laken, Brussels, excists for 118 years. From the time they delivered the coffee i the neighborhoods with their 'cowboy-diligence'. You notice in the movie that they take real pride in what they do. It is a highly acclaimed company. All sorts of nationalities come to buy their coffee here.

Coffee is one of the most important commercial products in the world. Consumption is increasing even. That is due to the fact that the people of the countries that cultivate the coffee beans, also started drinking it. With 52,000 tons of roasted coffee a year, Belgium is in the global top ten coffee consuming countries.

Belgians drink so much coffee because it is linked to their colonial past and the role of the port of Antwerp, one of the most important traders in coffee of the world. Coffee is one of the pillars on which the distribution giants Colruyt and Delhaize are built. In Belgium today there are far less coffee roasting companies, but still 90 that are affiliated with the association ‘Het Belgisch koffiebureau’, what means The Belgian Coffee Office.

At Van Dael they also sell 40 different kinds of tea. Their coffee comes from all over the world: Brasil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, … For their 100th birthday they made a special ‘Jubilee’ blend that is still for sale.


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Curated by Lotte Stoops
Movie edited by Sven Vilain

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