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Hair in India: 'It's a hairy situation.'

Many people around the world, men and women alike, dream of having long, beautiful hair just like the top Bollywood film stars. Thé place to bring them closer to fulfilling their dream of a lush head of hair is India…. India has become one of the major players in the growing market for human hair as used in high-priced hair extensions and wigs.

Indian Hair is considered to be the “crème de la crème” amongst hair as it is fine, lustrous, mostly free from chemical treatments and malleable enough to look European. Thus making it suitable for an ever growing demand coming out of France, UK, US and Canada.. …

 India has thousands of exporters and Indian human hair trade has ballooned into a multimillion dollar industry with profit margins around 15 to 50%.according encompassing ‘temple hair’ prized by wig makers. One might wonder where all this hair comes from….

Ironically or sadly the most expensive hair; temple hair, often gets “donated” by Indian women who offer their hair to deities in Hindu temples in a show of respect and gratitude. These devoted women are mostly totally unaware of the fact that their offerings wind up in the hands of business men who sell this these offerings for very high prices to hair-traders of which of course these women don’t see a penny…


Wholesaler sort hair into five categories.

  • The top of the bill and most sought after is the black and longer than 16 inches. This “Remy” or “black gold” category sells for as much as $160 per kilogram.
  • The second category of black hair between 8 and 16 inches long, sells for around $44 a kilogram.
  • The third category of black hair, shorter than 8 inches, sells for under a dollar a kilogram.
  • The fourth and fifth categories are gray hair shorter than 8 inches, which sell for about 10 cents a kilogram.

After the hair is collected, the temple stores it in a steel container, with male and female hair kept separate. Once the warehouse is stocked, auction notices are advertised in several languages and popular newspapers and on the temples official web. Some hair exporters have expanded their range of potential hair suppliers and have distributed plastic bags to women in the local villages to keep outside their huts. Every time they comb their hair, those that fall are collected in the bag. At the end of every week a broker will collect these bags and pay the women’s a very small sum….


Grow a shiny, deep black Indian scalp. Here the 5 top ingredients.

Coconut oil
It's one of the best natural nutrients for hair. Rich in lauric acid, it has bactericidal and anti-fungal properties and it's used to prevent dandruff and lice. It softens and moisturizes the hair and stimulates its growing. It helps to restore damaged tips. In addition, it's a nervous system relaxant.

Almond oil
It contains a 25% of Vitamin E and monounsaturated fats. Softens and strengths hair. It washes deeply the hair and the scalp. In Ayurveda texts is cited as a brain stimulant, empowering intellectual level and intelligence.

Honey bee
Honey is also a rich nutrient and has bactericidal properties. It's an excellent hair conditioning, providing shine and humidity to dry hair. Ayurveda texts recommended to use it mixed with cinnamon. It's also used for treatments of hair growing.

Ghee is butter clarified with water. A washing with ghee cleans deeply the hair leaving it silky and shiny for several days. It turns the hair of a dark black color. It also gives abundant calcium to the scalp. 

Henna is used to colorize with reddish shades and to make the hair more brilliant

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Curated and shot by Jay Orlino
Movie shot & edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck @ Volk

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