Beirut, Lebanon
GPS 33°53'48.0"N 35°28'47.6"E

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Fast facts

  • Fabulous taxi stencil on the walls in Makdessi street, Beirut
  • These cute taxicabs are stenciled everywhere on the walls in Beirut by an unknown artist

Getting around by taxi in Beirut.

Going to Lebanon in the future? The country has pretty specific taxi etiquette. But no worries, this guide will help you.You can recognize all taxis by their red number plates. But, and this important to know, there are two types of taxis:

It wil go a little something like this: A not too fancy car, driving very slow, honking every 5 seconds and screaming loud out of their windows.
Not in a rush and willing to share? Go for it, I’d say. 

Good to know: They charge single servees for small distances and double servees for long distances. They also don’t always drop you at the exact address, so if you’re not familiar in Lebanon, think twice. If you are traveling alone as a girl or woman, only take servees by day. 

There will still be honking and screaming, but they do it faster. Also, if you reserve a taxi from an official taxi company you have a guarantee that you will be safe.  

Good to know: Agree on the price on beforehand. Names of official companies are: Allo taxi, Trust taxi, Charlie taxi, …  

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Curated and shot by talented photographer Isabel Corthier. 
Discover her work here > isabelcorthier.com

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