The Snuff Shop


The Snuff Shop


200 years of snuffing, chewing and smoking
Jodhpur, India
GPS 26°17’38.2”N 73°01’19.1”E

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Fast facts

  • 200 year, 3 generations
  • High quality tobacco for sniffing, chewing and smoking
  • Snuff originated in the Americas, but according to the Indians it originated in India
  •  If you're hipster, you snuff

Always the right time for a good snuff

Mr Nanita Rula is the third generation owner of this beautiful snuff shop situated near Tambako Bazaar, near the Clock Tower Market of Jodhpur in India. They are specialized is snuff tobacco for more then 200 years. However they also sell fresh dried tobacco leaves one can grind and smoke using a terracotta pipe, which (obviously) they sell too. They range of snuff tobacco is enormous, comprising all kinds of blends and perfumes. 

The company has always been family owned and operated, ensuring the knowledge of tobbacco was kept in the family and was always passed through from the very beginning. The family pays big importance to heritage and family values hence the fact that the trademark was always the portrait of the current SEO. Today the company's trademark is no other than the one of mister Rula in his childhood.

Small detail: mister Rula doesn't smoke. The golden, crispy, aromatic leaves makes him cough and he thinks they are bad for his health. But hey, that doesn't mean he can't sell them... It's business after all, is it?


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Curated by Narendra Singh Bhati
Mr Nanita Rula for the interview
Shot by Jay Orlino
Edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck @ Volk

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