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Fast facts

  • Elisabeth still has a wooden shop, while most other shops are made in a metal construction
  • Elisabeth always does the hair of her sister and that’s why she looks beautiful
  • She doesn’t care about a wooden or a metal shop, as long as her hair looks fine

Queen Elisabeth hair dresser

Admit it.
We all envy African women when they show up with one of their 70 possible hairstyles. A different one for every day or week or month. Braids, straight, curls, afro, buns, ponytails, … the options are endless.

A while ago we encountered Queen Elisabeth, the best hairdresser between Ghana and Burkina Faso so far, according to some happy customers. She can handle afro kinky hair like no one else can, says her very proud sister. And while all shops are made out of metal constructions, Queen Elisabeth kept the authentic wooden structure. "No need for a fancy structure, as long as the hair I do looks fine”, she says. 

How to handle afro kinky hair, according to Queen Elisabeth:

  1. Handle your afro kinky hair very gentle
  2. Queens with straight hair better style their hair with a fine-tooth com
  3. Queens with curly hair better style their hair with a wide-tooth comb
  4. In order to take care of you hair, you must know your hair: learn which hair type you have (Type 4A, 4B, 4C, …)
  5. Andre Walker’s method for analyzing your hair is the most popular one  
  6. Come to Queen Elisabeth, she'll tell you everything. 


Thank you
Curated, pictures and footage by talented photographer Isabel Corthier
Edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck, moviemaker at Volk

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