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Mexico City, Mexico
GPS 19°26'22.4"N 99°08'14.1"W

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Fast facts

  • Martin is a rotulo (signpainter) and learnt the skills from his dad.
  • He’s not a big fan of Piña Colada’s, but does like a good beach holiday.
  • Porto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresí gave the first ever ‘Piña Colada’ to his crew to boost the morale

Piña Colada equals holiday.
Holiday equals sun, sea and cocktails.
The previous three equal Mexico. 

Before we go to the drinking part, first a little bit of history:

The piña colada, which literally means strained pineapple, was first discovered by a Puerto Rican pirate named Roberto Cofresí. The story goes that he gave his crew a beverage made of coconut, pineapple and rum to boost their morale. When he died in 1825, unfortunately the recipe was lost as well. Later on, in 1954, Ramón Monchito Marrero created the cocktail again, working as a waiter in the fancy Hilton hotel. After creating his showpiece for over 20 years, he finally got rewarded when Puerto Rico decided to proclaim the tropical cocktail as their national drink. 

The drink got more popular every day and when Rupert Holmes wrote a song about it, that opened the floodgates. Meanwhile you can find the cocktail all over the world and I think speak for a lot of people when I say a holiday isn’t complete without my piña colada.

Now, let’s cut to the case!

The perfect recipe for a pina colada:

  • One part (3cl) white rum
  • One part coconut milk
  • 3 parts pineapple juice 

Mix all the ingredients in a blender together with crushed ice until smooth. Pour into chilled glassed and serve with and extra slice of pineapple. 


Thank you
Curated and shot by Alex Tieleman
Edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck, moviemaker at Volk

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