Authentic pub at the Jordaan
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
GPS 52°22'49.4"N 4°53'16.9"E

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Fast facts

  • Delft blue tile on wall in a 400 year oldAmsterdam pub.
  • Caters apple pie to Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States.
  • No music in the pub. The noise comes from the visitors.

Authenticity at the Jordaan

‘t Papeneiland is a typical authentic cozy ‘brown pub’ in Amsterdam. It is operated by the family Netel for almost 50 years, the father is called Tiel and the son’s name is also Tiel. People talk about ‘old Tiel’ and ‘small Tiel’. 

The corner where the bar is located, is one of the most famous and characteristic corners of Amsterdam. It’s between the Browersgracht and Prinsengracht canals in Amsterdam. There are numerous paintings and aquarels made of this typical Amsterdam scene. The pub doesn’t play music, except for celebrations and parties. They encourage people to have nice conversations. The crowd that visits the pub is very friendly. There are candles on every table, which makes the atmosphere at night very cosy. They offer typical drinks from Amsterdam, from the brand Amstel to distillery ‘van Wees’. Besides having a drink there, one can also eat something, from sandwiches to portions of cheese and liverwurst of the famous butcher Louman. Their specialty is the homemade apple pie. Ones Bill Clinton visited the pub, and he found this apple pie so delicious that he still orders it from time to time. They say it is the most delicious apple pie in the Netherlands. The family recipe is secret. 

The ‘old Tiel’ and his family used to live on the second floor of the pub. That came in handy when their kids were asleep. They could work in the bar and keep an eye on them. Later the family moved to the house next door. They turned the appartment above the pub into a smoking area. There are not many places in Amsterdam where you can still smoke, so people really appreciate this. 

This is the perfect place to visit in Amsterdam, whether it is a cold winter night, you look for the coziness inside, or a hot summer day, when you can enjoy the big terrace.

Thank you

Curated and shot by Oliver Wijker @ Blaag & Nozem
Tiel and Baps from Papeneiland for the interview and the hospitality
Movie edit by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerq @ Volk 

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