servicio mixo.png
servicio mixo.png

Sitio Mixto


Sitio Mixto


Curious traffic sign indicating that different types of vehicles
can make use of the parking spot.

Tecoanapa, Mexico
GPS 16°59'18.1"N 99°15'40.6"W

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Mixed situations!

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. The city has been booming since the 1968 Olympic games. It’s population has gone from 5 to 22 million people in just 4 decades. That is massif. The city has a topography similar to L.A., presents similar pollution and traffic issues. However it is set in a valley and intertwined with an inadequate road system.

There is an extensive metro system but during rush hour it can hardly carry everyone. New subway lines and other forms of public transport are often outdated by the time they are completed. Mexico city has the worst commute known to mankind. Using the roads in Mexico includes a high potentiality to encounter a mixed situation! So you can imagine that people have to be creative in traffic.

Keep your cool and try to keep safe!
Buena Suerte!

Thank you

Curated and shot by Alex Tieleman
Edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck @ Volk

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