Burkina Faso, Africa
GPS 12°21'57.2"N 1°29'33.3"W

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Fast facts

  • Named after a series on television with beautiful ladies.
  • The tailor makes the women dream of looking as good as in the series with clothes from his hand.

Marimar Coutures makes it happen.

The tailor behind Marimar Couture designs clothes for weddings and other occasions, so the women who dream of looking like their idols can make that happen. 

Everything is handmade, with the finest African fabrics from Burkina Faso and surroundings. When finished, he presents his unique dresses on cardboard marimar ladies, based on a tele novelle with, according to him; beautiful ladies. Made with a smile, inspired by a smile, sold with a smile. 

This story made us think a little about beauty ideals, and how different they are for every culture. There’s a huge difference for example between the beauty ideal in our western culture or in Africa. While we have this urge to be skinny and cover up our curves, in Africa it’s all about embracing those hips and curves. Being curvaceous, for them, represents a women’s sensuality. Also, their traditions learn girls and women to honor, embrace and adore their bodies. Dressing up in authentic African fabrics, for them is an important part of their culture. It’s a way to keep the traditions alive and to show how proud they are. 


Thank you
Curated, pictures and footage by talented photographer
Edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck, moviemaker at Volk

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