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Lamu, Kenia Africa
GPS 2°16'01.4"S 40°54'08.7"E

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About Captain Lemon and his Dhow boats

‘Captain Lemon’ is a local fisherman and skipper from Lamu. Currently he refurbishes the Makupenda (meaning ‘I love you’), a Dhow-boat from a Lamu native who lives in Oslo now. Captain Lemon is an avid sailor and participates in many Dhow competitions of which ‘he wins some and looses some’. He also organizes sailing excursions for tourists of which a seven hours sailing trip to Kiwayu-island is his absolute favorite. There he treats his guests on a three-day relaxing subtropic island galore. Enjoy the stunning coastal landscapes, next to the colorful submarine life, of which you can eat some as Captain Lemon cooks the fishy local delights on an open campfire. You sit on a dune while singing, dancing and smoking under a brilliant island moon.

‘Luck has no Magic’ & ‘Freedom Come My Way’

Sailors and fishermen paint their life’s motto on the Dhow boats, so it accompanies them when they’re out on the sea. ‘Luck has no Magic’ is such a sign and it refers to luck as an open window. Sometimes luck passes an open window and it’s gone before you can catch it. ‘Freedom Come My Way’ is part of the lyrics of Bob Marley’s ‘I shot the Sherrif’. Setting sail on a Dhow-boat is like sailing to freedom.

Get to know more about Lamu and the Dhows

Dhows are the traditional transport vessels and fishing boats of the East African coast. The boats are famous for their speed and during the main season from July to April main races are taking place. The Lamu boats are turnkey in Lamu economy as they are used for fishing and as an attraction for the tourist industry.

Discover a fantastic project that sustains these beautiful vehicles
The Lamu Conservation Trust

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Curated and movie shot by Griet Hendrickx

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