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Mr. Wilf Peddle
Glastonbury, UK
GPS 51°09'03.6"N 2°42'23.0"W

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Fast facts

  • In business since 1972
  • 600 chickens for consumption
  • 400 eggs per day
  • Exclusive door to door sales in Glastonbury (only on Friday and Saturday)

As fresh as it gets

At first sight Wilf Pebble is a lonely man. Lonely? Not! Everyday he’s accompanied by 400 chickens. And when they have laid their eggs, he’ll bring them to almost every door in Glastonbury. That’s a lot of people. And he prefers to bring them himself with his 50 year old, 30 Pounds costing Morris Mini. So, he can be sure his eggs are sold the very same day as when they were laid by his chickens. And not only after a week like as it would be when his eggs are sold by a big supermarket. Hence he rejects every ‘offer he couldn’t refuse’ from the supermarket-side.

His chickens do everything to lay fresh eggs. And Wilf want his clients to enjoy this freshness at al cost. That’s why he gets up every morning at 6 and only goes back to sleep round midnight.  ‘That’s just the way it goes’.


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