Mr. Baburao Ladhaseb
Mumbai, India
GPS 19°02'53.4"N 72°51'31.8"E

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Fast facts

  • Unique four-course recipe to 'make it'
  • 25 years of acting, dancing, fighting and modeling
  • Produced movie, starring himself in 10 roles
  • Casted the beggars in Danny Boyle’s Slum Dog Millionaire
  • Text on logo says: Western (green), Dancing (red), Acting (green), Classes (blue)

Babu and his five star acting and dancing studio

The man who makes Bollywood dreams come true: Baburao Lad. Producter, actor, teacher, dancer, painter, photographer - Baburao is a multi-talented guy who polishes and converts Dharavi's many hopefuls into star material. Baburao has even published a book: it's called Acting Master, and it has all the do's and don'ts for success in Bollywood. The loft of the pink house is Baburao's studio, where the magic happens.

The moves he teaches are just what every fledgeling Bollywood aspirant needs - straight out of popular films. I asked Gulam what he was learning. "Rowdy Rathore", he said to me. "I'm learning acche acche steps from Rowdy Rathore." But dancing is not enough if you have to be a star. So Baburao teaches acting, fighting and modelling. The classes cost Rs 500 per month, with a Rs 2000 joining fee. This is far less expensive than similar classes in non-slum areas. But going by the number of eager folks coming to the class, it looks like in this pink house the City of Dreams is alive and kicking. (source: Deepah Krisnans’ mumbai-magic blogspot)


Bollywood…. where dreams are made and destroyed…

“Bollywood”, contrary to popular belief, is not a “physical” place but refers to what is formally known as the masala (word referring to a collection of spices) of the hindi film industry. For many of us the name “Bollywood” evokes images of choreographed dancing, catchy music a definite hint of melodrama and this for as long as 3 hours at the time.
Every year this multi- billion dollar and by now also world’s largest film industry attracts thousands of hopeful, aspiring actors dreaming of fame and fortune to Mumbai. And whereas knowing how to sing is, thanks to pre-recorded songs by professional playback singers with the actors lip synching, not a requirement, the mastering of “Bollywood” dance, a mixture of different dance style, definitively is.
Not only are Mumbai’s streets are specked with dance schools catering to the new generation of “future”  actors but during the past few years, dancing the “Bollywood way” has caught on to the rest of the world with dance courses popping up from LA to Manchester…

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Curated and shot by Olivier De Borger
Research by Deepah Krishnan from Mumbai Magic to be our guardian angel all over Unbelievable India

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