Little food, great drinks, tons of music and a cat
Antwerp, Belgium
GPS 51°13'30.4"N 4°24'35.9"E

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Fast facts

  • Claudia Rossini has always been a horeca princess and after some decades decided to become a horeca-queen
  • Claudia's daughter likes to draw cats
  • Why you once in your life should have visited that bar? Just because

Just because

Clodette is a funky bar situated in de Northern part of Antwerp, owned and operated by this quirky couple Jan & Claudia.The venue is located at the corner of the ‘Paardenmarkt’ (horse market) and the place used to be an old stuffy, desolated bar with virtually no visitors unless for an abandoned cat and some spiders. Claudia has a deep-rooted horeca track-record. She wanted to be her own boss, so she decided to open her own place and started looking for a venue.

Why her own boss? Just because. 
And also because her guts told her to do so. And she has an eye for it, she has fine taste and she wants to do things differently. So she thought that odd place at the Paardenmarkt would be a good option for her somewhat 'crazy ambitions'.'Not Claudia...' people close around her were saying...

Why that place? Just because. 
And also because her guts told her it would be a good place. And also because the place has a soul and the neighbourhood is up and coming as it is located not far from the MAS museum, ‘het Eilandje’ and Park spoor noord.
It was an immediate succes, people from the area welcomed it with open arms. The nice mixture of clients, young and old, alternative or fancy, not only enjoy the fresh made drinks and food, lots of them come especially for the music that is selected by Claudia. She just has an ear for it as Clodette’s speakers always gently blast the finest blends of soul, funk, house and jazz for the real connoisseur.

A cat?
Marie, daughter of Jan and Claudia, decided to drew a cat on the big menu-chalkboard located above the bar.
Why a cat? Just because. 

Thank you

Curated by Philippe Pelsmaekers
Movie shot & edited by Stefan 'Klakker' Declerck @ Volk

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