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Mr. Claudio Caponigro
New York, USA
GPS 40°47'47.2"N 73°56'11.1"W

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Fast facts

  • Founded by mister Claudio Caponigro
  • Started cutting hair at the age of 12 in Salerno, Italy.
  • Barbershop in business since 1950.
  • Life long customers, amongs them lots of celebs.
  • The shop was a scene for a video clip for Jennifer Lopez (superstar).

Il barbiere de l’ East Harlem

Mister Claudio Caponigro wants it stylish. He is ‘il maestro’ of the fresh cuts of 116th street, East Harlem, New York. He learned the skill at the age of 12 in his hometown of Salerno in Italy. Seated in Claudio’s 100 year old barber chairs, the scalps of the famous like Jimmy Durante or those from the lesser famous New Yorkers, after seventy years still gets their treat from the magic hands and sissors of mister Caponigro.

And even the Chinese mob — whent they took over the block and forced him to pay trice the monthly or leave —couldn’t prevent him from cutting hair. They must have forgotten he’s treating the heads of the wiseguys for more than 40 years.

His customers include long time neighborhood regulars, local politicians, and those who moved away but still return to the old barber for a cut and shave. “I’m 80 years old and I don’t want to retire,” said Caponigro, who drives in every morning from the Bronx. ‘I’ma happy with the people here, I’ma happy with what I do. I’ma still strong to fight’. No final cut for this gentleman.

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