Renato and Alessandro Di Bartolomei.
Rome, Italy
GPS 41°53'43.2"N 12°28'12.0"E

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Fast facts

  •  Founded in 1945 by grandfather Di Bartolomei
  • One of the smallest bycicle shops in Rome
  • Sale and repair of all kinds of bikes

From house-built bikes to 'broom-bikes'

Cicli di Bartolomei is in business since 1945 and was founded by late grandpa Di Bartolomei. He was it who designed the magnific logo that was used on their bike badges. Cicli di Bartolomei is specialized in repairing bikes but build their own bikes too. They get the label ‘Special Edition’.

Renato di Bartolomei: 'Building a bike is like making a work of art. You have to put your soul in it. In every bolt, in every nut. I wonder if the Chinese put soul in it… Because all they do is killing the market in stead of building heritage for bicycling.' ‘Most funny anecdote lately was a client that had fixed his bike with a broom. After he destroyed it again — which was not difficult, obviously — he came to our shop to have it fixed by us. The only thing ; he wanted us to fix it again… with a broom.’

Some Italian cycling facts

  • Next toBelgium, Italy won the World Cycling Championship more than any other country.
  • Tour de France? For Italians, it’s just an aftermath of something much bigger… Il Giro d’Italia. Read some stuff about it here and here.
  • Emilio Millo Costamagna, editor for la Gazzetta dello Sport initiated the Giro d'Italia.
  • The Giro’s Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey) refers to the pink colored paper of la Gazzetta dello Sport.
  • Italy has one of the richest histories in cycling. They made a fantastic book of this. Go get it! Pedalare! Pedalare! 

Thank you

Curated by Alessandro Rabboni
Many thanks to Marco Buratti from Gazebike in Rome who cycled us through each and every street of the Eternal City

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